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Nursery School

The goal of the Nursery Education is to prepare children for school by exposing them to activities that will lay a solid foundation for the elementary education. 


At utol schools, the Nigerian curriculum, the British curriculum and the adaption of Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and education philosophy are employed alongside great ideas from quality minds to enrich our programme and achieve the goals at this level. 


Our testimony has been encouraging, our children are exposed to:


1. Mathematics skills.


2. Language skills. 


3. Sensorial education. 


4. Practical Life Exercises. 


5. Cultural subjects which is a combination of science, Geography, Biology and cultural subjects I.e music and arts. 


These activities are supported by qualified teachers and good management for great supervision in ensuring quality delivery to support the child to achieve full potential. 


This foundation helps our pupils to achieve success through school life going by the accolades we have received over the years.

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