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My Visiting Experience (2019 sets)

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I went to the zoo. I went with my dad, sister and aunty. I went to the zoo because I like to see animals. I saw a monkey, peacock, birds and turtle. My dad took some pictures. I learnt that a turtle can live up to 101 years.

Akinyele Kareoluwa

I went to Emmanuel Park at Redemption camp. I went there with my parents and sister. I went there because I wanted to have fun. I saw a model cat, a train, a hot slide and a fire fighter truck. We went on the hot slide,model cat, a train. We bought chin-chin and ice-cream. To enter the park you must buy a ticket.

Omotayo Yorimisoke

I travelled to Dubai with my mum because I wanted to spend my Christmas holiday there. I saw a dancing fountain at the Dubai mall. I enjoyed myself seeing beautiful places. I learnt that Dubai is a Muslim country.

Adigwe Onyinye

I visited the zoo last Sunday. My cousins came to my house so we decided to visit a zoo at about 12 noon. When we got to the zoo, we bought the tickets and entered, we walked up and down.A deep canal ran parallel to the footpath. Beyond the canal there were small trees.A zoo is indeed a world on its own. It is a world of wild animals and birds. My cousin was frightened to see a crocodile. The tiger looked awful basking in the sun. There is no denying the fact that a visit to the zoo is indeed a thrilling experience. It will always remain fresh in my memory.

Adeoye Samuel

Iwent to Dubai with my family on vacation. I had fun riding the roller coaster but it was scary. There was a loopty loop whick made it scary. I saw a merry go round.

Bakare Toluwanimi

I went to a hotel with my daddy because I like going there. I saw birds. Someone broke something and I learnt that you should never break things in a hotel.

Pius Praise

I went to the park with my mum and dad to have fun with my family. I saw horses and moving trains. I had lots of fun and learnt how to make new friends.

Adaoma and Adaeze Umeokafor

I went to a hotel with my grandma in Ife to have fun. I saw a swimming pool. There was too much air conditioner. I learnt how to relax.

Oni Jesuteniola

I went to Emmanuel Park with my mum, Tiwa’s mum and my cousins. I saw a swimming pool and had a lot of fun. I also learnt how to swim.

Ogunlana Boluwatife

I went to the zoo with my mum and dad. I learnt about animals and saw bears and lions. I took a lot of pictures and learnt that animals have different habitats.

Olajide Ireayomide

I went to the church with my family to learn the word of God. I saw chairs. I learnt how to be obedient.

Adejumo Feranmi

I went to the zoo with my parents and my siblings. I went because I wanted to see real animals. I saw lions, snakes, ostriches, pigs, monkey and hyena.They all looked at us. I learnt not to touch wild animals.

Adediwura Darasimi

I went to London with mummy and my sister, Fimidara. The night we got there, i was excited to go. My sister was also happy. My aunt came to pick us and took us to her house. She gave us presents.

When we got to her house, I went upstairs to my cousins’ room. Their names are Tada, Toya and Dara. Dara is seven years old, Toya and Tada are three years old. I went to visit my cousins because I love them and so that I can learn from Dara.

The next day we went out to a park. We saw roller coasters and clowns. My cousins, uncle and i went on the rollercoaster.I sat down first and when we all sat down the rollercoaster started. We wore safety belts in the rollercoaster. It went up and down and again. It was so fun. When it stopped, we got down, Dara asked me why Fimidara did not go on the rollercoaster with them. I told him that she was at the ice-cream shop. We took ice-cream and hugged each other.Then i went tojoin Tada, Toya and my uncle where they were playing a ball game. You win the game by throwing the ball into a net. Toya and i won the game.

After we finished the game, we went home. My uncle told us to share everything we got from the game. I obeyed. When we got homeTada went to the kitchen and used scissors to cut paper but cut his hand he started crying.Dara went to the kitchen and saw blood on the floor and went to tell my uncle so he said that we should not play with sharp objects and took Tada to the hospital and his hand healed. I learnt that you should not play with sharp objects.

Ajao Mofope

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