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Year 3 Write ups (2019 sets)

Updated: May 26, 2021


I am something, they clap for me before I die


I am something, my mother kiss me before I die


I am something, I am white inside and brown outside





I am something, living things need me to survive, but non-living things don’t need me, what am i?

I am something, green on the outside, red on the inside and I am a fruit, what am i?

I am something, in the morning I have four legs, in the afternoon I have two legs and in the evening I have three legs, what am i?

If a farmer wants to pass the road and a snake, a beer and a lion is blocking him and he has a bullet and a meat, what will he do?

A farmer saw 10 rabbits and he shoots one, how many will remain?


Food and Water

Water melon


The person that has four legs is a baby, the person that has two legs is an adult and the person that has three legs is a grandmother or a grandfather

The farmer will kill the snake with the bullet, give the meat to the lion and drink the beer


Omotayo Tofunmi

Year 3


Eni kan kan ninu idile lo ni ojuse tire. Bi Baba ti ni, bee naa ni iya tie. Awon omo pelu naa ni ojuse tiwon. Baba, iya ati omo ni ojuse won ninu ebi. Okan kan wo nko si gbodo kuna lati se ojuse re. Baba ni olori ile, ojuse re ni lati pese ibubge, ounje ati aabo fun iyawo ati awon omo re. O gbado ri si alafia awon ebi re. Owo ile-eko, aso ati iwe awon omo re, ko gbodo di eti. Iya ni iya ile, ogbodo peso ounje fun oko ati awon omo re. Omo gbodo gboran si awon obi won lenu dada.

Teniola Oyewale

Year 3


There are seven continent of the world.

I can name what about you.

Jesus loves all the children in the continent so let us name now.

One South America

Two North America

Three Africa

Asia Four

Europe Five

Oceania Six

Seven Australia

There are seven continents in the world.

Anderson Odion

Year 3


Alo je okan lara li tireso.

Awon Alo Yoruba

Ø Aalo o!


Ki lon ba oba jeun ti ko palemo

Ki ni o?

Esi nsi n ni o!

Ø Aalo o!


Ki lon ko ja lojude oba tiko ki oba

Ki ni o?

Agbara ojo ni o.

Ø Aalo o!


Oruku tindi tindi

Oruki bi igba omo

Gbogbo won le tiro

Kini o!

Ere ni o.

Olowu Darasimi

Year 3


Once upon a time there lived a maid named Kudirat. She had a wicked woman who she was working with. Her name was Mrs Adebisi and her husband Mr Adebisi. One day Mr Adebisi saw that his wife was in pain and quickly took her to the hospital. The doctor told him that his wife was pregnant. Mr Adebisi was very happy and listened to all that the doctor told him. He was strictly told that his wife needs adequate rest and should not be disturbed during this period.

Months went by and it was time for Mrs Adebisi to deliver, she was so much pain before her husband came in, finally he arrived and rushed his wife to the hospital. When the doctor came out of the delivery room, he told Mr Adebisi that his wife gave birth to a set of twins. Mr and Mrs Adebisi named these twins Taye and Kehinde.

Taye and Kehinde grew up so fast, when they were 8 years old, they were fighting for a toy and they mistakenly broke a plate. Mrs Adebisi heard it and asked “Who made that sound”. Then Taye and Kehinde lied against kudirat. Before Kudirat could alter any word, Mrs Adebisi had begun to beat her. Kudirat was crying and at the same time trying to explain herself that she wasn’t the one who broke the plate, but Mrs Adebisi didn’t listen and continued beating her. While she was beating Kudirat, Taye and Kehinde were laughing at her. Kudirat later got tired of crying and went to her room.

The next day Mrs Adebisi found out the truth and apologized to Kudirat for the way she had maltreated her yesterday. Mrs Adebisi got very furious with Taye and Kehinde and taught them a good lesson. Taye and Kehinde were very sorry and later in that day they apologized to Kudirat. Taye and Kehinde learnt a good lesson from that day on ward and the lesson was that we should always be truthful at all times. Mrs Adebisi also learnt a lesson that day and it was that no one should ever be maltreated, whether the person is a maid or a beggar, everyone has equal rights.


Always be truthful, no matter what the consequences may be, NEVER TELL LIES.

Honesty is the best policy.

Omotayo Tofunmi


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