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Olamide Faleke

Mrs. Temitope Bajela-Oladeji is an outstanding personality when it comes to helping people discover and maximize their God given potentials.

I was privileged to work with her in 2015, in my 'raw form' she helped process my in built abilities, she gave me platforms to manifest freely, she pushed and made me better.

She is a mentor and coach par excellence that won't compromise quality and high standards.

I appreciate her firmness and thoroughness when it comes to decision making and exactness. She is indeed an epitome worthy of emulation.

Bukola Abiola Esther, Actress, Filmmaker

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or I met Mrs oladeji Christianah Temitope through a family friend when I needed a job badly to take care of myself and my daughter. 

She received us with love.

Mrs oladeji is a lover of children, caring and wonderful. I learned a lot during the period of my working with her. I learned diligence.

I learned grit which has since helped me to always stand up to challenges.

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Akinade Olalere, Educator

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Oto Christian, Educator


Oladejo Elizabeth, Educator

The first thing that comes to mind about Mrs Oladeji is the word "Coach". She does the work of a coach which includes training, grooming, pushing and encouraging all which brings the best out of the trainee. Getting to know her more, I realized she is very sure of what she wants as results and will not take anything less.

On a lighter note, she is extremely jovial. As her staff when I just joined UTOL Schools, I had never taught in primary classes before but she gave me the confidence and training I needed to function well and the training is still on. I know my working with her is orchestrated by the heavenlies as what I am now as a Teacher is by God's grace and Mrs Oladeji. Thanks for always pushing us and being the coach of our time.  

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