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DIY School Cone

Our Academics

UTOL Schools is a foundation school established in 2006 to provide quality and functional education in a friendly environment for children from 3 months to age 11 with a structure that is globally accepted.

Our Structure:

  • Creche

  • Early years foundation stage.

  • Key stages 1 and 2 (Year 1 – 6)

The Literacy will focus on ensuring that learners' reading abilities and communicative competence is highly developed focusing on the following themes:
Theme 1: Reading
Theme 2: Listening & Speaking
Theme 3: Grammatical Accuracy
Theme 4: Writing
Theme 5: Literature
For us at UTOL Schools, we recognise that Science is most important bedrock in the advancement of a developing nation like Nigeria.  It is the foundation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM, without which no nation and people can make any serious progress in the world today.  Therefore, we spare no effort to ensure that our children are very well grounded in Science.
Religion and National Values
The religion and national values will focus majorly on the importance of values which will include the following:
  • Honesty
  • Regard and concern for the interests of others
  • Justice 
  • Discipline
  • Right attitude to work
  • Courage and
  • National consciousness
The themes to achieve these objectives are as follows:​
  1. Religious Studies
  2. Civic education
  3. Social Studies
  4. Security Education.
Cultural & Creative Arts
This subject will focus on the following themes:
  • Arts and crafts
  • Performing Arts and Entertainment
  • Customs and Traditions
The objectives of Mathematics will focus on giving leaner the opportunity to:
  • Acquire mathematical literacy necessary to function in an Information Age.
  • Cultivate the understanding and application of mathematical skills and concepts necessary to thrive in the ever changing technological world.
  • Develop the essential element of problem solving, communication, reasoning and connection within the study of mathematics
  • take advantage of the numerous career opportunities provided by mathematics;
  • Become prepared for further studies in mathematics and other related field. 
Physical Health Education
  1. Basic human movement
  2. Sports and games
  3. Health education
  4. Moving our body parts
  5. Athletics
  6. Contact and Non-Contact Games
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